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Hello, I'm Cliff (The Voxcoach) a professional singer and vocal coach for over 20 years, I have worked both in the UK and abroad in acts ranging from two piece bands to twenty five piece orchestras covering styles from Rock 'n' Roll through Soul, RnB, Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre.

I have studied with Royal College of Music and London Music School Tutors and developed my course over years of research into why singing feels "Natural" for some people and not for others.

I was singing almost before I could talk and it always felt completely natural and effortless to me. When my voice broke I found I could still sing all the high notes as before and could now sing lower too.

What was I doing that made singing feel natural and effortless to me? How could I sing for 3 hours a night and not get hoarse or a sore throat? I must be doing something right.

I began to study vocal production with many different singing teachers and vocal coaches and discovered exactly what I was doing both physically and mentally. My aim in this course is to make singing feel as "natural" and "effortless" for you as it does for me.

Teaching singing has become my passion, almost as much as music, It's great when a student really gets it and has a breakthrough moment

The Myth of the "Distinctive voice"

You'll hear people say that a particular artist has a very distinctive voice and that's why they are successful.
But is that artist successful because they have a distinctive voice or do they have a distinctive voice because they are successful and lots of people recognize it?

I will argue the latter; everyone has a distinctive voice. A voice is distinctive because it's familiar to us, after all, we recognize our friend's voices on the telephone don't we?

There are many things that make up a successful singer; looks, image, charm, charisma, the likeability factor, a bit of luck, right place right time etc.

The voice is a very subjective thing; a voice enjoyed by one person can be loathed by another. As Ray Charles's mother said to him: " Not everyone is gonna like what you do " and as Barry Manilow's manager said to Barry " If only 1 per cent of the American population like you, you're a superstar ".

So, my point is; don't ever think that your voice isn't distinctive, it is and it's unique. It doesn't matter who you are, if you have a fully functioning vocal anatomy then you can sing.

Vox Coach Vocal Workout

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