My Course

My course is all about getting the best out of the voice you have.

We all have a voice and they're all unique, just because you don't sound like the person you'd most like to, don't let that stop you. Why would you want to sound like anybody else anyway?

We all have our own unique voice and can express ourselves in our own way through singing.

By doing some vocal exercises you can train your voice to do the things you want it to do

Exercises are not just singing scales, they're melodic and fun to do.

Singing scales is traditionally the way in which people are taught to sing and whilst I don't think that there's anything wrong with singing scales, it does develop your ear and familiarity with the western diatonic music system but it is boring and very limiting; you're just singing the same thing all the time in the same way, in the same rhythm and at the same tempo. The same musical development and vocal strength can be achieved by singing little bits of songs in all keys or making sounds and shapes which promote resonant tones in all keys.

All exercises are designed to improve technique, range, accuracy and to make singing feel "natural and effortless". Students work on songs too and have the opportunity to record them with my in-house recording facilities (not an online option). I mix and produce all recordings and give students a copy to keep at no extra charge.

You don't have to find any extra time to do my vocal workout; download it to your mp3 player and you can do it anywhere!

Workout while your driving, it's no different to singing along to the radio, while doing the washing up, the ironing and other household chores or even while out cycling or whatever you're doing.

You can even do it in bed! Breathing exercises are easily done while lying in bed and you won't wake up your neighbours

You don't have to sit and watch a video, just take it with you and do a vocal workout on the go!

Vox Coach Vocal Workout

Download my vocal workout please click below