Heather Bailey

singing lessons in Horsham

I have been taught by Cliff for about 6 months now and I can definitely hear the improvement in my voice. Cliff has really helped me to understand how the voice works whilst you are singing, and by having this knowledge it almost makes it easier to sing as I can picture what is actually happening. He has taught me many exercises that I can do outside my lessons, which help challenge and strengthen my vocal chords and I found this really useful as they are not all the typical vocal exercises you come across during a show. As well as learning new exercises, I have been able to record myself singing. At first I found this quite scary, because no one likes the sound of their voice on recording. However looking back at them I can hear improvement and it can be very pleasing to actually be able to hear the difference. I also feel so relaxed and not under pressure in his lessons, and that’s a bonus because singing is meant to be fun and enjoyable. I have no bad words to say about cliff and his teaching and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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