Leigh Ann Gale

I finally plucked up the courage to book some singing lessons with Cliff after my daughter had a few with him some years ago. I have always enjoyed singing, but had no confidence whatsoever because I always struggled to sing in time with the music. I felt very nervous during my first lesson but now that I’ve been having lessons for around eight months I feel that I am really progressing. Cliff has taught me to ‘feel’ the music and connect with it, so that singing becomes a much more natural and pleasurable experience. I now find singing in time with the music to be much easier. I’ve also learned a lot about singing and recording techniques, and following Cliff’s vocal training exercises has helped my voice to become stronger with a greater tonal range.
As a tutor myself, I understand the importance of sharing knowledge and passion about my subject which helps to nurture learning and achievement. Cliff shares this expertise; I feel encouraged during his lessons and motivated to practise at home.
I would thoroughly recommend Cliff. I’ve learned so much already, feel more confident, and always look forward to my singing lesson each week.

Leigh Ann Gale
Botanical Artist and Tutor

Vox Coach Vocal Workout

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