Martin Bolton-Smith

Singing classes in Horsham

" Trying to find a Christmas present for someone you love after 30 years of marriage was hard, until I had the idea of putting a song on cd with me singing. All sounds great but where do I find someone who could not only help me sing better but could also record me and put it on a disc so that I could surprise the lady I love as a Christmas present?

After a bit of searching for singing lessons in Horsham, I found Cliff, and after a brief chat and explaining to Cliff what I was hoping to do, we got to work on a few voice lessons. It didn't take very long which was lucky for me as I first spoke to Cliff in the first week of December and wanted this as a Christmas present for my wife. We were going away for a Christmas break and that was where I was going to play her favourite song while we danced together. Lucky for me, Cliff, with his professional knowledge was able to sort out my singing within just a few lessons.

Once we got the song and words sorted, it was down to Cliff to record my singing and put it on CD. My wife Cheryl said it was the best present she'd ever had and we even got a round of applause from the other people on our break, and to my surprise a few of the guests at our hotel thought that I had been singing for years as they really enjoyed the song and liked my style of singing. I have Cliff to thank for this, after all, without his help none of this would have happened. So what was next after Christmas? Well, why waste what I had longed for, for years? I have always wanted to sing, and now, with a better understanding of singing technique and an improved knowledge of music, I continue to sing.

I have joined a Barbershop chorus, singing harmony and am looking later in the year, to join a friend who plays the electric organ and go around at Christmas and sing in a few old peoples homes in and around Horsham, and why not? After all this is a time for sharing, and what better way to share with the community something that I have found in myself, and that's my singing. I have found Cliff's singing lessons easy to follow and very enjoyable. Cliff is very professional, a great listener and able to understand exactly what I was looking for and how to achieve it."

Martin Bolton-Smith
Taxi Driver and Singer (Horsham).

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