Sophie O'shea

Singing teachers in Horsham

"Cliff has been my singing tutor since early October 2014 and by January 2015 my voice is a lot stronger and my vocal range is noticeably greater. Cliff has a fantastic way of explaining how the vocal chords work, how they connect and slide together to create a great sound and how the muscles work to hold a note. He also teaches you effective exercises to do at home to help you keep your voice strong. Cliff tailors every lesson to your individual need and picks songs for you to learn that are catered to your vocal range, that challenge you, and that show off your voice. Lessons with Cliff have an added bonus when you can record yourself sing and hear it back. Having my own voice recordings to listen to is the best training I’ve ever had and it is a great motivational tool to make me work to sound better. I am overwhelmingly happy with the teaching Cliff has given me and I hope to stay with him for a long time. I would recommend him to anyone."

Sophie O'Shea (Actress and singer) age 20

Vox Coach Vocal Workout

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