Stephanie Burley

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I’ve been singing with Cliff now since September and the improvement in my voice is more than I could have hoped for. He’s not only enthusiastic but also very knowledgeable within the subject and more. I not only have a stronger voice but a broadened education which I find incredibly helpful because this understanding helps to deliver and achieve. The confidence in my voice has gone from 0 to 100 very quickly, due to his encouragement and honesty for the best results. I always enjoy our lessons together as he is a lovely guy and takes a genuine interest in my interests such as our shared love for movies. This had led to great film recommendations but also songs we then learn to sing from our favorites such as ‘No Wonder’ from ‘Yentl’, and ‘There are worse things I could do’, ‘Grease’. He’s also encouraged me to record a few songs which I found very daunting at first and persuaded myself out of it a few times due to nerves. However, with his support, once I got started I felt much more at ease and comfortable and have found it to be a useful tool to critically listen to my voice and notice what areas I need to improve on. With these recordings and his guidance, I now have better control of my pitch, minimalized breathiness so my voice has more tone, and created stronger vocals from sliding and practicing many warm up exercises. If you’re looking for a vocal coach, I wouldn’t look any further. From someone who never even sang on their own in the car, I certainly have experienced the benefits from his teaching as I now feel comfortable and confident to sing in front of others, all thanks to Cliff. Featuring Tigger, his adorable cat who’s just as friendly and encouraging as Cliff. 

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