"Singing is not about belting it out at the top of your voice all the time, it's about making the best sound you can with the voice you have."

  • Learn complete vocal technique:
  • Develop Your Own Tone and Resonance
  • Improve Range and Accuracy
  • Phrasing and Performance
  • Gain Confidence
  • Sustain Longer Notes
  • Ear Training
  • Microphone and Recording Techniques
  • Demo Recording


Vox Coach Vocal Workout

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I’ve been singing with Cliff now since September and the improvement in my voice is more than I could have hoped for. He’s not only enthusiastic but also very knowledgeable within the subject and more. I not only have a stronger voice but a... more

Singing teachers in Horsham

"Cliff has been my singing tutor since early October 2014 and by January 2015 my voice is a lot stronger and my vocal range is noticeably greater. Cliff has a fantastic way of explaining how the vocal chords work, how they connect and slide... more

singing lessons in Horsham

I have been taught by Cliff for about 6 months now and I can definitely hear the improvement in my voice. Cliff has really helped me to understand how the voice works whilst you are singing, and by having this knowledge it almost makes it easier... more

I have been coming to Cliff for nearly 8 months now and I am so glad I decided to have lessons with him. I was a little nervous at first, but soon felt very relaxed and comfortable with Cliff. I have gained a lot of confidence and self belief... more

Singing lessons in Horsham

" I was bought lessons with Cliff as a present from a family member. Originally I was very nervous and kept putting off taking the lessons but within 10 minutes of being in Cliff's company I felt totally at ease and really enjoyed my first lesson... more

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'I started to have singing lessons in September 2014. I used to sing but hadn't for a while, I'm so glad I found Cliff as he has helped me find my voice again. As I love singing jazz & modern songs he is perfect for this. His lessons are fun... more

Singing teachers in Horsham

Since starting singing lessons with Cliff, around half a year ago, my voice has become a lot stronger in more ways than one. I can hear this when singing with Cliff and when practising vocal strengthening techniques at home, which I have learnt... more

Vocal coaching in Horsham

"After a couple of lessons with Cliff and doing his vocal workout for 3 weeks, I really understood that it's not about who can sing the loudest and by focusing on how it feels rather than how it sounds, I can sing with much less effort and it... more

As a guitarist of many years I'd always wanted to learn to sing to be able to stand up on my own when performing, as well as have something else to offer for the band I'm in.  You can only get so far with YouTube tutorials - after many months of... more

I finally plucked up the courage to book some singing lessons with Cliff after my daughter had a few with him some years ago. I have always enjoyed singing, but had no confidence whatsoever because I always struggled to sing in time with the... more

Singing coaching in Horsham

"I have had a number of singing teachers in the past who have helped to improve my technique a little. Cliff's teaching however was a completely different experience. I made a massive step change in my ability, confidence and enjoyment of singing... more

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Before I started playing the piano, I was very unsure about it and I didn't really want to learn and sit through a boring lesson learning about how to learn and play scales. After my mum told me about her friend who would be willing to teach me,... more

singing lessons in Horsham

" I had singing lessons with Cliff when I lived in Horsham, now I've moved to Australia I can still have lessons with him online! it's great! His vocal workout program is excellent, I use it a couple of times a week just to keep my voice in trim... more

singing tuition in Horsham

I learned to play the piano in the conventional way 40 years ago, scales, exams, sight reading. I passed a few exams but never played the piano again despite having had one all my life. I was determined that my daughter wasn’t going to learn that... more

I only had to have a couple of lessons with Cliff before my confidence increased. I felt I improved so much that I am now not afraid to perform on stage. I would thoroughly recommend lessons with Cliff, he brought out the best in me and I'm... more

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" Trying to find a Christmas present for someone you love after 30 years of marriage was hard, until I had the idea of putting a song on cd with me singing. All sounds great but where do I find someone who could not only help me sing better but... more

" As a Mind Training coach myself I am thrilled with how my son's confidence and warm vocal tones have developed since having vocal lessons with Cliff. He is a friendly, approachable teacher who was quickly able to build rapport with my son and... more