Emma Skeets

singing tuition in Horsham

I learned to play the piano in the conventional way 40 years ago, scales, exams, sight reading. I passed a few exams but never played the piano again despite having had one all my life. I was determined that my daughter wasn’t going to learn that way. I wanted her to learn from someone inspirational, passionate and with a true love for the real music. Cliff has taught my then 11 year old daughter for the past 18 months and I am astonished and so happy with what they have achieved between the two of them. Georgie is playing all different styles of music, contemporary but also some wonderful classical favourites and she is playing them absolutely beautifully. What I love more than anything is that she is SO enthusiastic about practising and getting the pieces right. She takes so much pleasure in playing all the different pieces that Cliff has taught her and she has just recently been nominated for a gold award for her piano playing at her school. What Cliff has given her is invaluable. He coaches his students rather than instructs them and he has a brilliant rapour with Georgie which makes her so keen to learn from him.

She is now 12 and is showing a real interest in having singing lessons with Cliff. Whilst she plays her pieces he sings along with her and she is really inspired to sing like him which I truly believe she can. Georgie has had a tough time in her first year at secondary school and having her piano playing to use as a form of relaxation has been priceless. I would recommend Cliff to anyone who would like their child to not only learn how to play the piano with panache and passion, but also who would like their child to learn to love music in a way that I never did with a “conventional” piano teacher.

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