Georgie Falize

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Before I started playing the piano, I was very unsure about it and I didn't really want to learn and sit through a boring lesson learning about how to learn and play scales. After my mum told me about her friend who would be willing to teach me, I felt a bit more keen so I decided to go along and by the first lesson, I had learned to play 'price tag' by Jessie J. I really enjoyed it and I was instantly hooked on learning to play piano. He doesn't teach me to play scales or things that aren't really going to make me enjoy it, but instead he comes to them when necessary but in a fun way that would make me want to learn scales.

I have been learning for about a year and a bit and already I'm hooked on the piano. I play it all the time and I have even come to the point where I have taught myself some songs.

At first we were learning to play by ear and not so much reading music which helped me when it came to reading music because I knew I didn't have to constantly keep look at the music in front of me and I didn't have to copy exactly from the sheet and I could improvise and make the piece unique.

Cliff has taught me things over the year that you wouldn't get from other teachers. We have moved on now to harder and trickier chord progressions and different ways to play '2 5 1s' and I thought it was going to be really difficult but from the amount he has taught me, it's not hard at all. I'm also more confident to play as well and I'm not constantly thinking I'm going to screw up.

I can't wait to learn new and trickier things in the future and I hope to go on to be a pianist when I'm older and slightly better.

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