Lea Mumford

I have been coming to Cliff for nearly 8 months now and I am so glad I decided to have lessons with him. I was a little nervous at first, but soon felt very relaxed and comfortable with Cliff. I have gained a lot of confidence and self belief over the last few months and so look forward to each lesson. Not only have I improved my singing, but Cliff has also taught me how the voice and vocal chords actually work when singing. During our lessons we do a range of exercises that Cliff has based on real songs, which is a lot more fun than the Bog standard vocal scale exercises often used. I have really enjoyed recording my own songs and find it very rewarding listening to the finished product. I particularly like trying to make parts of the song my own, which are different from the original. I am looking forward to developing my range further and would highly recommended Cliff to anyone out there who would like to experiment more with their voice, or purely for the fun of singing!

Vox Coach Vocal Workout

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